Are you interested in city or rural living? 

Located in Southeastern Kentucky, our monastery is situated on the side of a mountain facing out over the area. We are gifted daily by the wonders of God’s creation. We hold these gifts gently in our hands and care for the environment with reverence, always trying to envision a better use of our land.



Are you interested in a small or large community? 

We are a small core community of women who share Benedictine life daily with Oblates and volunteers. Together we build a life centered on communal and private prayer, work, leisure and hospitability to retreatants and visitors. We share Ideas, dreams, tell stories, challenge and encourage one another.

Are you interested in an apostolic or a monastic community? 

We are a monastic, ecumenical community of women. Though not cloistered, we are contemplative, creating a peaceful and prayerful environment so that the word of God can take root in our hearts.

We also enter into the inter-faith dialogue that brings a richness to the area. This impels us to be inclusive in our prayer life and to be respectful toward all people’s beliefs.

Continuing in the Benedictine tradition of having a missionary spirit, we walk with the people of the area and listen to their needs. Yes, some of us work outside the monastery. We serve our sisters and brothers through teaching, counseling, social work, care of the sick, parish and retreat work. At other times we are open to new and creative ways to use our gifts for the service of others.

We have found that to minister to the people here in Appalachia a person must desire to: 

  • be rooted in God 
  • be prayerful
  • say “yes” to a type of dying (letting of in order to receive new life)
  • live on the edge
  • be relational
  • be flexible (willing to live with some degree of uncertainty)
  • accept the fact that things aren’t perfect
  • be a good listener
  • remember that you are a stranger and a guest
  • be a risk taker
  • move beyond one’s comfort zone
  • be willing to drive a lot
  • lift up and raise up others



If you can say yes or your heart wants to hear more about us, we invite you to come and see. For more information call us at 606-886-9624 or send an email to Sister Kathleen Weigand at skrw@hotmail.com. Include the word “Vocation” in the topic line.