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Posted by admin On February - 22 - 2013

            My CNA class was also useful in a personal way when I was allowed the opportunity to go home for a month and help my family with caring for my dad.  He is at home and is bedridden.  He is in the later stages of Parkinson’s.  At this time, he has Home Health and Hospice.  This time at home gave my sisters who are closer a break.  Not only helping with my dad but getting some inside and outside jobs.  This time was a gift to see my family, use my knowledge I just acquired, and feeling good about what I had accomplished around the house. 

            More gifts were my vacation time in Wisconsin with Sr. Judy and Kathy Burke.  We went fishing up north at Pelican Lake where Kathy grew up and Post Lake.  I didn’t catch a big one this year but God’s gift was seeing two eagles, an osprey and the joy of seeing them enjoy themselves.  Kathy’s sister, Maureen, joined us and we had many laughs as they shared family stories.  Another gift was my retreat time here at the monastery and our community days at Sharon Hubert’s home.  Of course every day if we are aware, is full of gifts from God.  We as a community have now a monthly sharing of gratitude during morning liturgy.  It is a special time to share what each has experienced during the month.  We have all realized that we can be grateful for even the difficult times as well as the good.

            I am hoping to but some pictures on the blog so you will see if I can do it.  Peace to each and everyone one of you. 


                                  Carolyn and Kathy Christmas 004    

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