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The sounds of the evening and the lingering fog in the morning, these are the mountains way of welcoming the next cycle of our lives. The black-eyed susans in the kitchen garden and the raspberries lovingly picked fill our eyes with beauty.

The long hot summer seems to be giving way and we drink in the coolness of the evening and watch the progress of Lady spider’s web, laced with dew in the morning. Where have the days gone? Retreat and community days atSharon’s brought both closure to one year and planning for the next. The next several months  will be busy ones for the community. An Enneagram workshop, Directional and Goal Setting meetings, Discernment and election of Prioress will see us looking at our past, present and future.

God has blessed us in so many ways. Volunteers, guests, Oblates have showered us with their presence, gifts and hard work. We celebrated the First Monastic Profession of Sr. Kathy DiVaio, have another scheduled in October for Sr. Kathy Curtis, and Laurie Sandblom has joined us as an Associate, beginning her process of discernment.

Last night we sat in the living room and listened to Daniele, our volunteer fromTennesseeplaying Handel arias on her flute. What could be sweeter? Thank you God for all of life and beauty that surrounds us.    Sr. Judy

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  1. donna ebersold says:

    Dear Sister Judy
    Blessings this autumn morning! I stayed with you about a year and half ago after attending a retreat at Kanuga.
    I have held and heard you and the other sisters in my prayers so many times I cannot count. I have been in discernment for ordained deacon or chaplaincy for some time. What has shifted for me though in the past several months is that I now attend mass daily at the chapel connected with Xavier University here in Cincinnati. I am also exploring RCIA program though I am Episcopalian. Recognizing this is Jesuit led–
    Are you accepting persons to live with you and devote to an oblate program?
    I am a RN of 35 years and only marginally employed here in cincinnati. I spent most of my adult life in SF area working with psychiatry, homeless populations.
    I hope the writer above incidentally knows about Interfaith hospitality Network or Family promise. a program I have worked with for several years.
    I had hesitated for so many months in writing, but now I have.
    I remember how welcoming you all were. I regret that I have not kept in touch.
    In love of Christ

  2. Sr. Judy says:

    Sister Judy:

    My name is Joseph and I work in Kingsport, TN as an alcohol and drug counselor for a private MDs group that prescribes suboxone for addicts trying to get off opiates.

    May I please enter into dialogue–in person or telephone or via online chat–with you–or another member at the monstary–about a social need in Kentucky for some of the Kentucky clients that drive all the way to NW TN to see a suboxone doctor.

    What I seek to talk with you about is a homeless problem in East KY; and I believe I have a very good idea to address family homelessness that’s working in other parts of the US (in TN and VA, in any event).

    Joseph Taylor

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