How Do We Respond?

Posted by admin On March - 12 - 2017

Several weeks ago, in case no one noticed, our country experienced what seems to some of us to be a seismic paradigm shift as a result of the 2016 presidential election.  Upon these shifting sands, we are called to re-ground ourselves in our most fervently-held values, both personally and collectively.

The Mt. Tabor community sets aside one Sunday each month as a retreat day – a day of silent reflection, usually focused on a theme, book or article pertinent to the current situation.  Recently, this topic had to do with how each of us (given our personalities and circumstances) are called to respond to social change.  We loosely identified these “response types” as 1) activism, 2) direct service, and 3) contemplation.

As thought-starters we reflected on a reading on activism by Fr. Al Fritsch, S.J.; an article about the corporal and spiritual works of mercy (direct service); and an article by Thomas Merton (contemplation).

We found that, while there is probably overlap among the three methods, most of us are pulled toward one more than to the others in trying to “change ‘the world’” or to “change the world for one person”.

So whether we march or serve soup or consciously try to connect with the divine through prayer and contemplation, the time for action is now – and God will companion with us in however we are called to respond!


– Sr. Mary


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  1. eileen mcdermott says:

    Hi, Mary! I loved seeing your picture and message. I attended the women’s march in Sarasota..such great joyful energy there!
    john and I are back in Bristol, r.i. for the next 6 months or so. he is anxiously searching for some volunteer work with refugees, but is having no luck. I do not want to go to seattle/Tacoma, or Portland where there may be some opportunities.
    we just came back from ten days in Italy with my 12 year old grandson. Rome, Naples, Sorrento and almafi….was a whirlwind fun trip.
    if john diesnt find some volunteer gig, we will return to fla. in august and he will take art courses and concentrate on his ceramic sculpting.
    Bertha and I keep in touch sporadically. dick and I often speak of our year in Kentucky. Quite a life changing experience.
    we are out of our minds with grief with the new administration.

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