The Lord’s Prayer – Maronite translation from the Aramaic

All nourishing God, You are the breath and being of all. Let your light create a heart-shrine within. Let your counsel rule until oneness guides us all. Your one desire then acts with ours; as in heaven, so on earth. Grant what we need, each day, in bread and in sight. Let us experience the same freedom from our mistakes as we allow others to experience. Do not let us forget that there is more to life than the surface things. But neither let us become so inward that we cannot act kindly at the right time. For to you and in you belong the guiding ideals, the life-force to accomplish them and the song that renews all from age to age. Amen.

Forever I will sing the praises of the Lord…

Our Daily Schedule

6:15 Morning Praise

6:45 Breakfast

7:30 Ministry

5:30 Evening Praise 

6:00 Supper

9:00 Compline Monday through Thursday


Our Weekend Schedule

9:00 Morning Praise Saturday

4:00 Vigil 

9:00 Morning Praise Sunday

Sunday is a day of Sabbath rest every week and a Community Retreat Day the first Sunday of each month.