Posted by admin On January - 12 - 2016

This morning I started thinking about shadow boxes. You know, those picture frame type things that are really shelves so you can display three dimensional stuff. My eldest grandson has one in his room with his Lego® people in it. It was fun looking at the assembly of characters he thought was important enough to collect while I stayed in his room over the Christmas holidays.

lego men

But this morning when I thought of it I realized I do that with real people. I sort, display and admire those I deem special but others don’t even make it in the collection or even in the room for that matter.

Why is that? What is it about some people that makes me want to not only ignore them but to not have them around at all? Could it be that they remind me too much of something about myself or a loved one that is difficult to see?

There are some people that just set me off. I don’t want to be around them because they bring out such strong negative emotions in me. I have come to realize that those people, the ones with whom I struggle most, are actually my mirrors. If I am honest with myself, I see that God is showing me negativity in my own actions, reactions or speech that I am blind to.

I’m not very fond of these moments. First, I am embarrassed to be caught and then I am angry that I could even be considered that mean-spirited. Then finally I am humbled that God would love me so much and want me to be aware of the things that are separating me from a life of peace and joy.

So what about you? Shadow box or mirror?


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