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Welcome to our guestbook. Please feel free to let us know how you like our website or just say hello.

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  1. admin says:

    Hi Joel. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. We did not “give up on Catholicism”. Of the eight vowed sisters in our community, six are Roman Catholic. In addition to them, we have an Espicopalian and a Presbyterian. We have diply opened our community to other Christian women who are seeking God within a community. As to a history of the Monastery, that is a great idea which I will share with our Prioress, Sr. Eileen Schepers. Thanks for visiting our website. Sr. KC.

  2. Joel Pettit says:

    When did the group give up Catholicism? Is there a history on the website here?

  3. admin says:

    Sr. Judy, one of our founders is to be ordained an Episcopal priest next month and I am a Presbyterian. What is attracting you?

  4. Patty says:

    I am in the first stage of attraction to the monastic life. However, I am not Catholic but Episcopalian. Thoughts, comments?

  5. Sister Susan Kusz, SND says:

    October 31, 2012

    Dear Sisters,

    It is with great joy that we at Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey, Pecos Benedictine Monastery in Pecos, New Mexico, USA announce the commencement of a sabbatical program for priests, Sisters and Brothers beginning in the spring of 2013! Our new month long sabbatical will take place from April 10 – May 8, 2013.

    The month long renewal will include speakers and plenty of time to pray and read in a reflective manner. Weekly offerings include a speaker on a specific topic for two days; spiritual direction; a desert day of silence and solitude on one’s own; a Benedictine day (following the monastic schedule of prayer / work / siesta more closely); an outing to a place of historic significance in New Mexico; and time in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The high desert of northern New Mexico and the quiet rhythm of the monastery foster growth in conscious awareness in daily life. These gifts of nature and place can lead one to deeper integration and spiritual refreshment.

    Since you are our Benedictine sisters in Christ, we announce this new venture to you in the hopes that you will support us most assuredly in prayer. We also hope you will allow this opportunity to be a particular grace for one or more of the women in your monastery! We want, first and foremost, to extend a warm welcome to others in the Benedictine tradition. Please consider sending one of your Sisters to the sabbatical beginning in April. We hope to run a sabbatical like this on a yearly basis and we are counting on your support as we begin.

    Please visit our website at http://www.pecosmonastery.org for more information. Click on the tab for “sabbatical.” You can direct the Sisters who will apply to that website as all the necessary forms are located on the site.

    God bless you and please keep us in prayer as we undertake this new venture in God’s name.

    With sincerity and gratitude,

    Sister Susan Kusz, SND
    Director of Retreat Ministry
    Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey
    P.O. Box 1080
    Pecos, NM 87552-1080
    United States of America

  6. Mother LaRae says:

    Deacon Judy is at the episcopal Convention in Indianapolis !

  7. Doug says:

    Greetings Sr. Judy,
    Grace and Peace
    Blessings on your Ordination to the Sacred Order of Deacons. I saw the story in the Diocese of Lexington website, and enjoyed reading about your ministry at Mt. Tabor.
    I appreciated reading about therapy dog Lisa. My golden retriever Glory has often been a companion on visits to nursing homes and the church day school, though she is now retired.
    My prayers for the continued works of mercy by you and the community of Mt. Tabor.
    God’s Peace

  8. To the sisters at the Dwelling Place,

    I really enjoyed watching the veido about your lives at the Monastery
    and the calling that GOD has given you to serve in the community and to
    serve each other with His never ending love. I have never been to Kentucky but it looks like a very beautiful place and the presence of GOD is very strong there and is watching over all of you every day.I am asking GOD what I should give to support you at the Dwelling Place and how I should pray for you as well.Would enjoying hearing from you !

    Love Rebecca

  9. Ginny Adams says:

    My son is Robert Hill and he “brags” so often about you that I just had to view the website; it’s great, I love the blog on bean soup, as it describes life in community to me as well.

  10. S. Barbara Bock says:

    Your website is great, beautifully done. I applaud you all, who you are and what you do. God Bless you much!

  11. Diantha says:

    Dear Sisters,
    Blessings to you on the Feast of St. Benedict! I think I’ll try to make it up there tonight 🙂


  12. Kim says:

    I feel the mountain calling me…….I look forward to meeting each of you and visiting with my old…I mean….long time…….;) friend.

  13. Diantha Daniels says:

    Dear Sisters,
    I wanted to say thank you for your warm and gracious welcome to the group of Notre Dame students I brought with me to Evening Praise last night. They have been here with us at The David School this week for their fall break – working with our high school students and assisting with maintenance projects. All have experienced some kind of a call to service and many are deeply discerning what shape that call might take in the future. Especially for the young women in the group, I was grateful to know of a place where they could see such a fine “model” of independent vocation coupled with communal vows of obedience and stability, one way of more closely integrating one’s work and one’s faith. Thank you for all the ways you have welcomed me during my own ongoing discernment process and for the incredible work you’ve been doing in this part of Kentucky for over 30 years. I wish you continued blessings. ~ Diantha

  14. admin says:

    I will give your email address to Sister Judy, our Prioress. Thanks for your interest.

  15. ellen says:

    Hi-I am discerning the “call” and have been trying to reach someone there via your e-mail and phone number as published but have not been successful. Could someone please contact me via e-mail to start a discussion?
    Thanks so much!
    Blessings, Ellen

  16. Alisha (Gibson) Perry says:

    I was wondering if you all had a website and just kept looking and foound. I remember my young days at MCA with Sister’s Judy,Caroline,Eileen,Monica and Kathleen. It was some of the most memorable teaching times of my life. I think of you all often and wonder how you have been.

    Alisha Perry

  17. Thresa Clo Robinson says:

    Hi Sisters:

    Early morning prayers for all of you, especially Sister Caroline. Thank you for the newsletter; the photo of all of you is beautiful. ……..June Joy.


  18. Mike says:

    I remember fondly my visits to Mt. tabor while a volunteer at CAP. I tell everyone who will listen about my experience ‘ Monastery Sitting ‘ one Christmas while you were all away. An experience not many people have had. Thanks for sending your newsletter. The photo of you is very good. I am especially glad to hear that Sister Carolyn is doing well.
    You are all in my prayers.
    Michael Barnes
    CAP 1995-1996

  19. Loretta says:

    Hi everyone! I love your new website — I found the reference in your latest newsletter I received yesterday! Carolyn you are looking good and I’m glad to hear your progress – God bless you and all! I’m also interested in your Therapy Dog program – sounds a wonderful idea for ministry!

  20. Marie Miller says:

    Hello Dear Friends! Was getting homesick for the mountain so clicked onto the website. Love the new one!! Pictures are beautiful. Leo and I miss you very much and hope we can visit soon. Love to you all. Marie

  21. Anonymous says:

    God’s happy morning to each of you

    ……………left praying for you when the idea popped into my head: Maybe they are on facebook ………….Are you?


    Just returned home Tuesday; Sister’s funeral was beautiful and a celebration for both brother and me.

    Love the group picture of all of you.

    Thank you again for singing my blessing. (It melted my heart some more.) ……so beautiful. ……..The only thing missing was Sister Caroline……then it would have been perfect……)

    ……and thank you Sister Judy for the Lenten prayer books…..

    Love and healing prayers.

  22. LaRae says:

    Dear Sisters,
    I am remembering my time with you during my retreat and thinking that it was one of the most holy times I have had recently. Looking at my calendar and planning another one. Looking forward to seeing Sr. Judy in March!

  23. Stacey says:

    Hi Dear Sisters — Love the new website! Found it through Facebook. Do you have a facebook page? Missing you all and praying for many warm blessings to come to you this chilly winter.

    Love, Stacey (NY)

    A lovely piece by Kathleen Norris to wish you a blessed St. Valentine’s Day.


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